WhatsApp vs Kik: Which Is The Best Messaging App?

Whatsapp and Kik both are regarded as the most convenient way to communicate with each other. Both are text messaging app that replaced the traditional SMS service of texting.

With both of them being downloaded by millions of people across the globe, they have their own unique features to offer to their customers. In this article, I will compare these two apps and will find out, in what ways one is better than the other.

Whatsapp- Best Messaging App


WhatsApp and Kik are both free of cost to its users. You can easily download them from the Play Store and use it. WhatsApp however, charges $0.99 after one year of its use. There are no hidden charges inside both the app.

User Base-

WhatsApp has a larger user base than the Kik App. This means that it is easy for you to connect with the people on WhatsApp as they are already using it. According to recent statistics, about 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp today. So When you use an app that has a huge user base you are saved from the pain of inviting users to the app.

Phone Number verification

This is the main difference between the two apps which separates them. WhatsApp requires your phone number to register. It does its verification by sending an SMS on the phone number. Kik doesn’t require a phone number to verify the user, it simply requires your email id for it. Your identity on the Kik app is the username which you create for yourself.

Users can keep their identity anonymous on Kik that be both an advantage or a disadvantage. Some people tend to feel more comfortable to keep their identity anonymous while expressing themselves but this anonymity has a lot of concerns when it comes to cases of teens being becoming victims to the online predators. WhatsApp is relatively safe to use as you cannot contact someone unless you have their phone number.

Eligibility Criteria

To use WhatsApp one should be 16+ years. There is no requirement of a username or password. You just need to verify your phone number and you are ready to go. To use Kik app one should be 17+ years old. You need to create a username and a password to use this app. You also have the option of importing contacts from the phone to send messages.

Audio Calling

WhatsApp offers you voice calling feature. You can simply call anyone who is in your WhatsApp contacts list. There is no extra charge also. The only charges are of mobile data or the Wifi which you will be using. The audio quality is quite good. Kik does not offer voice calling feature to its users. As of now, this feature is not added to the Kik.

Kik - Best Messaging App

Integrated Web Browser

Kik comes with an integrated web browser through which you can surf the internet. Kik allows users to share videos, photos, emojis, and stickers. Kik is more like an online dating app where two users find each other and try to start a conversation.

The inbuilt browser is in the first of its type in any messaging app. The inbuilt browser provides you with the option of sharing website content with your friends without leaving the chat. WhatsApp does not have this feature and it is very unlikely that they will inculcate it.

Easy to use interface

Both the apps have a pretty simple interface Users can easily get to know whereabouts of the different features the app possesses. Kik has a lot more features than the WhatsApp which might make it look more complicated than the WhatsApp. So, here also WhatsApp beats Kik by an edge by providing a more straightforward, simple and fast interface.


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